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RZ Series

The Spartan RZ Series perform like a commercial grade zero turn mowers with a residential price! The RZ now offers FOUR series options with a 42" - 61" deck size range... 

Each model in the RZ series is packed with features that set it apart from anything in the competition. The RZ-C's 4" deep deck allows for easy maneuvering in tight spaces. The RZ's 22" Carlisle Turf Armor Bias Ply Tires make it a powerhouse for residential use. The RZ-Pro's Tuff Torq 450 Transmission with steel gears makes the ride an absolute dream. The 5" deep,  gauge XTF deck on the RZ-HD hangs with the biggest guys on the market. No matter what your use, the RZ series gives everything you need.

We love the RZ-C, and so do our customers. With the same fusion welded tube frame as our bigger zero turns, this compact version has the same durability with a lower starting price. Its 4” deep deck allows it to maneuver easily in tight places.


Meet the Spartan RZ! Packed with the Tuff Torq 400 with steel gears and charge pumps, 22” Carlisle Turf Armor bias ply tires plus more commercial components, the RZ really competes on the residential and commercial levels. 


The RZ-HD is patterned after the big guys with 5” deep 7 gauge XTF decks, ROPS, 22” rear radials, Parker hydraulic transmissions, and the Spartan signature styling. Everyone loves the looks and can't deny the performance.


The Spartan RZ-Pro uses a new Tuff Torq 450 transmission with steel gears, a 10cc pump, charge pump and serviceable filter. It also has an exclusive seat shock producing a smoother ride at a dramatically reduced price. High-end 22” Carlisle Turf Armor bias ply tires improve traction both on level ground and on inclines. This unit also comes standard with the LED Light Kit.

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