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Falcon Trailer Sales in Houston

Trailers For All Uses

Falcon Trailer Works aims to meet any need with its huge range of trailer sizes and builds, all of which are available right here at Waller County Equipment. Whether you're hauling cattle, carrying landscaping equipment, pulling mowers & ATVs, or anything in between, Falcon has a trailer model that's a perfect fit for you.

Falcon Trailers We Carry

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Cradle Build

All cross members on Falcon trailers are tied in with standards to form a cradel.

Pipe Tongue Brace

Trailer tongues are reinforced with a pipe tongue braces, making a stronger tongue for towing heavy loads without a problem.

Taillight Brackets

All taillight brackets are welded to the top rail for secure, quality mounting and maximized lifespan.

Cross Member Caps

The ends of each fender cross member has a clean cap installed, making for a more polished, finished look to your trailer.

Space To Operate

Falcon trailers have the trailer jack set back far enough to be able to open your tailgate and access the bed of your truck.

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