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Bad Boy Tractor Sales in Houston

Work With An Attitude

Bad Boy has built on their legendary brand by introducing this lineup of small and medium sized tractors. Only the best are worthy of the Bad Boy name, and these tractors live up to the legacy they've created with their mowers. Each model features a commanding engine with the power you’ve come to know from their products. They've built a strong frame for even stronger tractors, so you can take advantage of impressive lifting capacities.

Bad Boy Tractors We Carry

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Performance & Strength

Driving A Better Value

The Bad Boy lineup of tractors delivers the highest value in their class. With industry leading standards and a whole lot of attitude, these Bad Boys outperform the competition with build quality second-to-none. With their range of mid-sized, compact, and sub-compact tractors, you can find the one that’s perfect for your property. Whether you’ve got a small hobby farm, a major operation, or anything in between, we’ve got the tractor that’s right for you at a price that’s tough to beat.

Built To Handle The Heavy Load

Every Bad Boy Tractor features class-leading lifting capacity. Pair that with the line of Bad Boy tough 3-point hitch quick attach implements for a legendary machine that’s ready to take on any task. These tractors are built from heavy-gauge, welded and fabricated steel, so you know they’re more than ready to pull their weight around on your property. The frame features the same build quality as their legendary lineup of commercial and residential mowers. Put this lineup to the test, and you’ll find out that each one can handle the toughest jobs and continue to outperform everything else in its class.

Comfort That Drives You

Every Bad Boy, from your lawn to your farm features legendary comfort, right at the driver’s seat. Each tractor in the lineup is equipped with a premium seat, so you can work with an attitude day in and day out. With features like the climate-controlled, all-weather cab – available on the 4035 model – you can tackle any task year-round in any conditions. These tractors work hard, so you don’t have to. Power steering and cruise control come standard for effortless direction control and less fatigue after a long day of getting the job done.

Hard Work Made Easy

The Bad Boy Tractor lineup is loaded with features to do the heavy lifting for you. From the effortless Hydro Max Transmission and Dual HST Pedals to the power steering and selectable 4-wheel drive, they've built the ultimate tractor to help you do more. The dashboards and PTO engagement put all the power and performance right at your fingertips.

Pair all this with a line of Bad Boy Implements, and you’re all set to make your workday feel less like a chore. Leave the bucket or change out attachments to the front loader quickly and easily with our convenient latches.

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